Akmal Khan

Lillestrøm kultur mix -02-november - 13 034Akmal Khan born in Lahore, Pakistan.
In his teenages he started to play western
drums and kongas. He grew up with friends
who were strongly involved in music.

In 2003 he started playing drums for his
musicgroup, Khansstrings.
After 2007 he joined his first tabla-guru,
Nabankur Bhattachariya, from Kolkatta
Farukkhabad style to learn tablas.

When his teacher Nabankur saw he is
progressing rapidly and working hard,
and having an extra ordinary rythm sence
and talent, he decided to introduce Akmal
to his tabla-guru, Pandit Anindo Chatter jii,
(living legend from India ) to learn a high class tabla educations and knowledge.

Pandit jii teach him many different taal-system and methods of rythm-circle. Akmal played
Farukkhabad style and punjabi style too.

His sparkling hands are full of emotions and having varaity of taals.
He enjoy playing for
classicals raags and for geet gazal,
qawali and folk-songs as well. He is also music-trainer for his musicgroup


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