About Us

Lillestrøm kultur mix-stor KhansStrings was established in september 2003 and
started learning western classical music by the the
violinist, John Westbye. After four years, they used
their musical knowledge in the Indian-Pakistani
musical path. They went to OKM musicschool in Oslo.
In addition to the musicschool, they learned from
different music-teachers as Radha Krishna, violinist
from Chennai, Rosey Brahma, vocalist from Aasam,
Mukesh Sharma, sarod-player from New Delhi,
Sudeshna Bhatachariya, Sarod player from Kolkatta,
Anupriya Deotale, violinist from New Delhi and
Mehfooz Khokhar, vocalist from Rawalpindi.

They all are well known, great artists and music-teachers. They teach KhansStrings the best expanded knowledge in music and uniqe experience
got by great maestros. KhansStrings played high level of music techniqe, and compose different varaity of melodies and rythem
on instruments. KhanssSrings play music with brilliant techniqe and soulfull melodies in their music.


M o s t  F a m o u s  C l a s s i c a l  M u s i c i a n s  f r o m  P a k i s t a n i – I n d i a